At R&R Stress, we realize that many heat treatment solutions require on-site capabilites. Along with shop facilities, we also provide extensive mobile service to meet your on-site needs.

The Heat Treating Technicians utilize the electrical resistance method, incorporating the use of Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters (FCP). The heaters are made of flat modular ceramics, enclosing stranded 80% Ni 20% Cr wire, resulting in excellent strength, durability and heat transfer efficiency. FCP’s are ideal for exceeding today’s codes and standards, with the most accurate control of heat the heat band. The FCP’s are used in conjunction with semi-automatic & fully automated control units. These elements are designed for safe low voltage operation. They are rated 80 volts and 45 amps, generating from 1.0 - 4.0 kW per heater. The Mobile units are available in a variety of sizes, varying from 6 to 24 point control systems.

With the most modern fleet of mobile units in western Canada, R&R Stress Relieving Services Ltd. stands poised to serve our client’s needs of tomorrow.